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Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore

Posted: November 22nd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: mixes | 2 Comments »

One beautiful evening in Singapore…

At the end of September, I left KL to play my first gig on the island republic of Singapore. We’re close allies with the Om Project, who are the acting node of connecting Singapore to the rest of the South East Asian psychedelic music network.


Farida headed down with me for what would be a tremendously successful gig full of happy, explosive energies I doggie-bagged from Kuala Lumpur. I love sharing good vibes and the Om Project team had definitely set up the right frequency for it. It was massive, and full of good memories.

We managed to successfully record the gig as evidence of the 3rd encounter. Without ego, I say this one of better recordings.

Anyway, here’s the mix. I hope you’d be able to feel what I felt as Home Club hopped on the full-on bus and trusted me to take them to Hyperion and back. A silicon-cyberpunk sound with some of my favorite producers:

Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore [20th September]

Tracklist -

1 – Intro
2 – First Contact – Hadouken vs Complex
3 – Andes Train – Erofex
4 – Alien Attack – Sirius Isness & Space Tribe
5 – Superheroes – Ferby Boys Vs Bizzare Contact
6 – Moonstomp – Sabretooth
7 – Natural Vibes – Visual Contact
8 – The Vision – Xerox & Illumination
9 – High Technology – Life Style
10 – Trippy – Massive Vs Outer Signal
11 – Denki Korogi – Psysex Vs Space Cat
12 – Techno Logic – Bamboo Forest
13 – No Others – Orpheus
14 – Virtual Space – Basic
15 – Conga Eel – Sabretooth
16 – Shoot – Sirius Isness
17 – Space Time Object – E.V.P
18 – Cosmic Dentrites – Sangeet
19 – Bounce Buda – Chromatone Vs Beyond
20 – Universal Test (Life Style Rmx) – Shanti vs D-Tek
21 – Subliminal – Onyx
22 – Don’t Be Silly! – Sirius Isness And Bliss
23 – Defractyl (Zion Rmx) – Hujaboy
24 – Intercontinental – Proxy Metatron
25 – Fatality – Phyx

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ‘Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore [20th September]‘ (Right-click -> Save as)

A big thank you to the Om Project team for trusting me at the driver’s seat!

Hey, but leave me a comment guys, I’d love to hear what you think.