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Posted: December 3rd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: dance music culture | No Comments »

Why We Need More Dayclubs

A few minutes after sunrise has always been one of my favorite times to practice on the CDJs. There’s just something about that cool blue light filling up the house.

Nightclub culture wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t spend its formative years in the dark. But when did dance culture go the same way?

I guess that’s why outdoor psytrance experiences have always been so fun. Especially how many of these gigs have DJs specifically for the mornings.

And it’s a different experience compared to listening to a DJ play for an entire night then into the following morning. After 8 hours of continuous dancing, your mind and body respond very differently. Tiredness calls for completely different kind of music.

This isn’t the morning I’m describing.


Dancing in the dark has become a bad habit. If you are truly uplifted by the act of dancing, by dance music, then stop hiding behind the parcans, strobes, and smoke machines. There’s a much better venue.

Try this, compose yourself a ‘morning playlist’, it really doesn’t matter what style or genre it is, you don’t even have to play it loudly. No headphones allowed.

It helps if the tracks serve to inspire, energize, or even heal.

Double-plus good mornings call for double-plus morning music.

Make sure fresh, clean air is moving about. Then let your playlist do it’s work.

Don’ forget to share your results and playlists here.