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Music: Autoparking

Posted: April 14th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: music production | No Comments »

How to Solve Parking Congestion

A Scolex project.

Production Notes:

The aural guide to urban origami. The perfect way to have a car and live in a city is to have foldable transportation.



Dual bassline layers. Primary layer celebrates an acid house pattern, while the secondary layer keeps pace with a sub/saw tone with a touch of high-velocity reverb — creating space.

As it breaks, the bassline shifts chords into a syncopated EBM-style but retaining the secondary layer. This creates a sense of tempo while retaining space.

132BPM. Very out of my typical BPM range. But allowed me to fill in the blanks with a series of re-modulated sounds. Fractals.

Casio SK1 sample. Looped with a tape-looper.

Breaks from Keith Hillebrandt‘s Useful Noise Vol. 2. The only sample release I’m proud to own.

Sequenced on Ableton Live 7.0.11 on my MacBook (2.2GHz/4GB).

Vember Audio Surge

Click to listen:


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