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Thank You Ableton For Not F*cking Your Ver. 7 Users Over

Posted: November 16th, 2009 | Author: | Filed under: music production | No Comments »

Ableton Live 7.0.18 Released, Version 7 Users Rejoice and End World Hunger.

Ableton Live 7.0.18

(OK, maybe not the last point)

The Mac OS 10.5 install DVD was already inside my Macbook, the button was about to be pressed – I wasn’t going to put up with the most infuriating block to my music production workflow any longer. I had already decided upgrading to Snow Leopard was a horrible idea, if only for this one issue that would have my copy of Ableton Live 7 crashing.

Quite a few people on the Ableton Live forums had already put in their two cents about how the ‘complex’ sample warping mode would crash their Live session — unless they disabled their audio output altogether and re-enabled it once they altered their warping mode. Here’s the forum post on the Ableton Live forums.

Nico from the Ableton Live support team responded in SEPTEMBER :

I can confirm that Complex mode in older Live versions is incompatible with Snow Leopard. The Complex mode is based on zPlane’s “Elastique Efficient” algorithm ( zPlane has already released a fix for it. There will most likely be a final update for Live 7 which includes this fix.

Live 8 is not affected, because it uses v2.1 of Elastique Efficient which works fine in SL.


Finally, yesterday, I had casually wandered into the backstage download area for Live and lo-and-behold 7.0.18 was available for download.

So no roll-back. No switching to other sequencing software. No crash-induced furniture flinging.

Now I’m back to writing music. Phew.

A few points to the Ableton Live team:

1. Not everyone can afford to or see a reason to upgrade to version 8.

Don’t leave them in the dark. It was beginning to appear that Ableton Live was forcing users to fork out for an upgrade to 8 by intentionally keeping vague about a SL fix for Ableton Live 7. You guys wouldn’t want to be accused of unethical business practices as a software company, look at Microsoft.

2. A development roadmap will keep your customer’s expectations in check.

We wouldn’t have to constantly harass guys like Nico with questions about WHEN bug-fixes are about to happen. Transparency keeps everyone happy and your customer support lines clear for more important issues.


I found it hard to believe that Ableton Live didn’t send a a release to Peter Kirn over at Create Digital Music. He’s been such a great supporter of the Live software and he carries allot of credibility among digital musicians. Here’s his coverage of the Live 7.0.18 fixes.

4. Time is money.

I know for a fact that allot of semi-professional commercial music producers and audio engineers depends on Live to support themselves. As a graphic designer, Snow Leopard really improved my rate of production, and forcing users to hold back on such an important OS update reeks of slack.

But really, thank you for not closing the door on Version 7. It costs us ALLOT of money this side of Asia to be able to fork out to buy original software in the first place. Great to know that Ableton Live keep to their word.

Changelog for Ableton Live 7.0.18

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