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Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore

Posted: November 22nd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: mixes | 2 Comments »

One beautiful evening in Singapore…

At the end of September, I left KL to play my first gig on the island republic of Singapore. We’re close allies with the Om Project, who are the acting node of connecting Singapore to the rest of the South East Asian psychedelic music network.


Farida headed down with me for what would be a tremendously successful gig full of happy, explosive energies I doggie-bagged from Kuala Lumpur. I love sharing good vibes and the Om Project team had definitely set up the right frequency for it. It was massive, and full of good memories.

We managed to successfully record the gig as evidence of the 3rd encounter. Without ego, I say this one of better recordings.

Anyway, here’s the mix. I hope you’d be able to feel what I felt as Home Club hopped on the full-on bus and trusted me to take them to Hyperion and back. A silicon-cyberpunk sound with some of my favorite producers:

Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore [20th September]

Tracklist -

1 – Intro
2 – First Contact – Hadouken vs Complex
3 – Andes Train – Erofex
4 – Alien Attack – Sirius Isness & Space Tribe
5 – Superheroes – Ferby Boys Vs Bizzare Contact
6 – Moonstomp – Sabretooth
7 – Natural Vibes – Visual Contact
8 – The Vision – Xerox & Illumination
9 – High Technology – Life Style
10 – Trippy – Massive Vs Outer Signal
11 – Denki Korogi – Psysex Vs Space Cat
12 – Techno Logic – Bamboo Forest
13 – No Others – Orpheus
14 – Virtual Space – Basic
15 – Conga Eel – Sabretooth
16 – Shoot – Sirius Isness
17 – Space Time Object – E.V.P
18 – Cosmic Dentrites – Sangeet
19 – Bounce Buda – Chromatone Vs Beyond
20 – Universal Test (Life Style Rmx) – Shanti vs D-Tek
21 – Subliminal – Onyx
22 – Don’t Be Silly! – Sirius Isness And Bliss
23 – Defractyl (Zion Rmx) – Hujaboy
24 – Intercontinental – Proxy Metatron
25 – Fatality – Phyx

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ‘Proxy Metatron @ Equinox with Om Project, Singapore [20th September]‘ (Right-click -> Save as)

A big thank you to the Om Project team for trusting me at the driver’s seat!

Hey, but leave me a comment guys, I’d love to hear what you think.

6 Nintendo DS Music Making Demos

Posted: November 21st, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: music production | No Comments »

The DS Musician Has Come of Age

Packed with home-brew software, a funky interface, and WIFI — the Nintendo DS has already staked itself deeply into the future of portable music-making.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite videos featuring the DS:

1.) Theremin, NDS, Keyboards, and one of the best songs off Daft Punk’s Discovery album. There’s something about THIS.

2.) The Korg DS-10 Synth on 4 NDSs synchronized with game cables. *DROOL!*

3.) Scratching on Protein on an NDS

4.) DStep V2 Step Sequencer on an NDS powering a Nord Micro Modular.

5.) DSMIdiWIFI. NDS + WIFI + Audio Sequencer = JAWESOME!

6.) Glitch-jammer rejoice! GlitchDS cellular sequencer producer some freaky 8-bit sounds.

Now I know what I want for Christmas!

For a comprehensive list of Nintendo DS Music applications, head down to Remain Calm’s very definitive list.

A Quick Demo on's Audiotool

Posted: November 20th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: music production | 2 Comments »

Cutting Edge Browser Technology VS Propellerheads Reason

I spent 5 minutes on‘s interesting Audiotool. If you’ve been having fun with Propellerheads Reason (which is a killer KILLER production software) you’re going to have allot of fun with this.

Here are some highlights:

  • Beautifully Flash driven interface.
  • A huge scalable workspace.
  • Tonnes of beautifully rendered stompboxes.
  • TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 models.
  • Each instrument and effects loads upon dragging onto the work surface (nice and efficient)
  • AND you can record tracks.

For a web-app. This is damn cool, you can’t complain. However:

  • Why not a more decent mixer … with faders?
  • Can we have less Roland-fanservice. Throw in an Oberheim, or a Korg.
  • Not a really super-accurate emulation (especially the filters).

Head over and take a look. Tonnes of fun.


"… having musical talent is not sufficient."

Posted: November 17th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: marketing | 1 Comment »

Not Sufficient. Not Sufficient. Not Sufficient.

Music industry mogul, Danny Goldberg has a pretty beefy portfolio as the PR guy for gigantic bands like KISS, Led Zepplin, as well as the manager for Nirvana.

Listen to what this guy has to say, there some truths that also apply to the dance music culture that we really need to take heed off.

What do you think? How are DJ’s requiring an additional edge to survive this competitive industry?

You can learn more about Danny Goldberg HERE.

Got this from The New Rockstar Philosophy. A fantastic blog I found on Twitter.

5 Overused Points You Should Never Include In Your DJ / Musician Bio

Posted: November 13th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: marketing | 4 Comments »

(because they make you look like a douche-bag)


Here’s some pet peeves that I come across when I’m reading DJ bios. Take note of these; they can really make or break how you present yourself.

5. “Inspired by…”

Wrong: “Inspired by Ryan Seacrest and Yanni : Live at the Acropolis”

WHO THE !@#!ing CARES?! Dropping artist names to fluff up your bio, especially if you’re only inspired by them, serve you ZERO purpose. Except maybe let on that you’re a gigantic poser that has a huge MP3 collection.

If you’re going to drop names, drop names of people you have actually worked with. Being the water boy does not count; bong technician, maybe.

Warming up for a big act also scores points.

4. “Have been to…”

Wrong: “Went to the Winter Music Conference to see Tiesto.”

Going someplace, or attending some event is not the same as having played or organized an event. Again, alludes to the possibility that you’re a poser douche-bag.

Include events that you helped to put together. Communicating to your audience about how you contribute to the scene is WAY more impressive than being a backseat sheep attendee.

Also include places that you’ve played at – include two to three gigs that REALLY matter in the main bio. You can put your full list of formal appearances on another sheet.

3. “Sounds like…”

Wrong: “His mixing style is like Grooverider and Roger Sanchez COMBINED!”

*Shrug* Like a prison bitch cokehead.

You can’t TELL anyone what you sound like. Let them HEAR you. Let them SEE you. But please… PLEASE don’t TELL them.

Jacking up people’s expectations verbally, without demonstration, is a sure-fire way to have an audience clear the floor after you drop poo-poo onto the platter. Demonstrating through audio and video helps with managing the expectations of the people you are performing for.

Why do you think we ask for mixes all the time?

4. “You will be amazed…” ” You will be impressed…” “You will not be disappointed when he steps to the decks…” etc etc.

Wrong : “When he is tearing up the wheels you never know what sound is right around the corner, with the element of surprise being his niche he will keep you moving and wondering what’s next.” (this was from a real bio)

The more you tell me that I will like you, the more you tell me that you’re full of shit. Why are you rationalizing for me? Why are you boring? Why should I care in the first place. Please f**k off.

You can change all of this by including testimonials from OTHER people and what THEY thought about your mix. It holds way more credibility and it doesnt make you out to be some hopeless ego-case.


5. “He’s a Child Prodigy…”

Wrong: “He’s been mixing since the tender itty-witty age of 15…”

Awww… he’s so young. So precious.

MOZART was a CHILD PRODIGY. Unless you were !@#!@ing scratching at the age of 3 and writing anthems for Tiesto at 5, you are NOT a Child Prodigy.

If you’re adding this point just to say how long you’ve been doing it, then it’s only going to point out how long you’ve been struggling to create an impact.

If you’ve been mixing since you were 15 and you got your 1st gig when you were 27 – and you still think you’re a child prodigy. Then you are a douche.

But with that said. Child prodigies DO exist:

So keep a look out for these points in any bios and press packs that you might be recieving in the future. Promoters and A&R people are trained to spot these kinds of embellishments, leaving your demo and bio in the rejected bin.

Create a truly unique, stand-out bio that demonstrates your accolades in a non-pretentious, douchebag way – I guarantee that you’ll be creating much more of an impact with your audience and potential jobs.


(originally published on

Zen for DJs – #1

Posted: November 12th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: disk-jockey philosophy | 6 Comments »

I became aware of this:


You are NOT the music you play.

You play OTHER people’s music.
You play OTHER people’s music.
You play OTHER people’s music.


This is the first realization.

Agree? Disagree? What do you think? Let’s have a discussion.

The Moon Over Indochine.

Posted: November 8th, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: photos | No Comments »


Judy works at this lovely restaurant, you must check it out. I’m recommending their incredible vegetarian springrolls and Judy’s wonderful banter.